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Founded and led by Emma Armstrong, A mother, doula and illustrator from Nottingham. Loosing her mother in 2019 to cancer whilst she was carrying her first child, Emma realised that more support and simplification needed to be given around birth, choices and informed consent. She trained as a Doula with Nurturing Birth & completed her Hypnobirthing training with Best-selling author Sophie Fletcher. The Naked Doula was born and has ever since been on a mission to revolutionise birth. To create evidence based, bite size tips and information for pregnancy, birth and postpartum so that parents can feel confident and informed on their journey! The Naked Doula represents informed choice, transparency and nakedness in the REAL delivery of information. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel excited about their birth, to celebrate it in all it’s glory. As a doula, Emma understands the importance of creating an inclusive community of which YOU can feel comfortable, connect with others & make the best decisions for you, however that may look & feel. Signposting you whilst offering a refreshing approach through fun yet informative illustrations! The Naked Doula loves to share easy ways for birth to be understood, as well as presenting solutions to every problem, capable of changing the way you see birth and making your journey a unique experience! This is for you and we can’t wait to welcome you into The Naked Doula community.

If you bought the course or birth bundle using the old app or platform you should have received an email with a special link. If you didn’t receive this please get in touch with your name and email and we will get this sorted for you as soon as we can. 

No, not at all. You can purchase the course alone. Once you’ve done this and created an account you’ll see The Naked Doula HQ page. Navigate to the left menu where you’ll find your course. If you want to become a member of the community and access all the amazing benefits of events, the resource library and more you can find a link on The Naked Doula HQ page when you log in!

Being a member within the TND community allows you to build connections and relationships with others on the same journey as you. You’ll get access to LIVE events each week, challenges to support you and product discounts and recommendations. You’ll also get access to the largest maternity library full of everything you could possibly need whoever you are, whatever your pregnancy, birth or postpartum looks like. The resource library is backed with fun imagery from The Naked Doula long with evidence based links so that you can make informed decisions best for you! You also get FREE reigns  of The In Labour Support Course designed to support you leading up to and whilst you’re in labour. Just like having a virtual doula in your pocket! 

This is the beauty of The Naked Doula. We recognise that every birth is unique and every person is an individual. Informed choice is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve  here, allowing everyone to make the best decisions for them whatever they look like without judgement! The membership is for YOU. And supports every birth. From free birth and home birth to Inductions and caesarean sections, we have the tools and resources to give you the BEST chance of a positive and confident experience!

The flashcards are no longer password protected! All you need to do is click on the this link, create an account and you’ll have access to the FREE tutorial videos (in the courses) section of the platform/app.

If you’re already a member trying to access the videos use this link instead 



Just create a free account or sign in and you’ll find FREE access on your home page in the featured section! Enjoy!

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