Month: March 2022

Hypno-Birth like a bad bitch webinar

Emma Armstrong, AKA The Naked Doula, joined by person 1 and 2.  Webinar to level up xyz & come away with xyz. jhbdafibqrpiubqphvbpdqhbvfpidqbfpvjuwdbqpvijbpvjbpdjbvpdjsbvpjasfpguvhds[ofhosdahfpdshfudshfpiuhdpsiuhfpaiushdfpiusdhfpiasduhfpiuhdspifuhsdpiuhfpsdiuhfpisudhfpiuh Live: Sunday 27th March @ 3PM GMT  Download available after the webinar. Webinar live online, info sent upon registration. Costs £10 per person