ALL BIRTHS can be fucking amazing! ALL BIRTHS can be satisfying. ALL BIRTHS can feel positive. It’s not the outcome of the birth, it’s the INFORMED CHOICE, and having the tools and techniques at your fingertips!

“I just wanted to message to say what a positive birth experience I had (first baby) after I found you, even though it was late on in my pregnancy! The FFFF, KICO and complete positive mindset you advocate for meant every decision I made was for me and my baby and was informed. I had an induction which I ended up compromising with the drs about and then ended up having my first baby in 2 hours 22 minutes with just gas and air, using KICO and FFFF (husband saying floppy face to me 🤣) and hypnobirthing with a minute tear (no stitches) weighing 8lb 5oz! So thank you ❤️”

No matter who you are, what your past life or current life entails it’s safe to know that YOU can influence with the power of the mind and when you do, magical things really do start to happen!

Much love
Emma aka The Naked Doula

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