You cannot be refused choices in your birth or coerced into choosing a specific birth type or interventions based on your BMI. Yes you heard me right! When we have the knowledge and know our options, only then can we make FULL INFORMED DECISIONS that are best for us.

“I spent my entire pregnancy being pressured because of my BMI being 36 (the cut off was 35) by the hospital – not my community midwife thankfully, I’m 26 and had ZERO complications during my pregnancy, the hospital pushed for induction when I was 39 weeks due to “2 episodes of reduced movement” this was false, I had called for advice and told to come in to be monitored and told I should have an induction there and then just because, thankfully I had been following you for long enough to give me the confidence/education to make informed decisions and questioned them on the reasons, they couldn’t give me any and confirmed they were happy with the monitoring they had done at that time, the midwife I saw was un-sympathetic whilst I cried through panic/fear as I was alone because my partner wasn’t allowed in the triage with me, she suggested I return the next day to speak with a doctor who eventually agreed with what I was explaining and sent me on my way to carry on as normal…But the option of going to the birthing centre was taken away from me because of my BMI again… Fast forward to 40+4 I finally signed up to your course and started working my way through it whilst bouncing on my ball.. 45 minutes in my waters broke, after multiple trips back and forward to the hospital telling me I wasn’t going to give birth any time soon and arriving home at 3am only 2cm dilated, i laboured at home until 6:30am with floppy face floppy fanny repeating in the back on my mind, breathing and mooing through each wave of contraction until I was fully dilated and nearly not making it to the hospital my beautiful 8lb 2oz baby girl was born with no medical intervention and 10:19am after 19 minutes of pushing! Thank you so much to you for giving us the tools to go into labour confident and empowered! I don’t think I would have been as calm as I was had I not of followed you during my pregnancy, it didn’t go how I had imagined with lots of waiting around due to no delivery room for me to give birth and coming into hospital during shift change, but because of you I did it all myself with little to no help from the midwife! I owe my amazing birth to you!❤️ xx”

No matter who you are, what your past life or current life entails it’s safe to know that YOU can influence with the power of the mind and when you do, magical things really do start to happen!

Much love
Emma aka The Naked Doula

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