I hear people say “hypnobirthing isn’t for me” but do you actually know what it is? Or have you just assumed it’s a hippy load of magic shit?! Because it’s farrrr from! In fact it’s all about science, the brain and bossing the brain in the right way to change how we see, feel and manage LIFE! Not just labour! The Naked Doula visual hypnobirth course is bitesize, easy to understand and backed with science. Join the birth revolution and get your hands on the course that’s influencing births everywhere!
“Hey Emma, I thought I would message in as reading all the messages during my pregnancy made me feel so positive so I wanted to do the same! I just wanted to say thank you so other ladies can feel as I did going into birth. I was sceptical of hypnobirthing at first as I thought it was hippy stuff 🤣 but how wrong was I! I purchased the programme along with 2 flash cards sets.. birth & postnatal. I took what I wanted from both and yesterday, 11th July I gave birth to my first baby at 39 weeks. Everything was as I wanted… I started contractions around midnight but was unsure vs braxton hicks so monitored. By the morning, these had increased to every 3-5 mins and 1 minute long. I called midwife and as I hadn’t felt baby, they called me in. As it was my first, they had warned me it was likely that when they checked I’d be sent home, but I had tried staying st home until I couldn’t, blaring my playlist, having a bath, using the comb and taking dog for a slow, contraction interrupted walk!!! .. Anyway, midwife was shocked to learn I was already 5cm dilated so was taken to the birthing unit. Midwives loved the birth plan I had, using your template. They had the pool ready, whilst my boyfriend stuck up my affirmations and got my second playlist on. I had gas and air but 4 hrs later when they checked, I was still 5cm so I started to panic. The BF knew this would affect my oxytocin levels so tried to put my mind at ease. I wanted minimal intervention so when they asked about breaking my waters, I initially held off. Then using BRAIN, I decided to try and an hr later, I was in KICO position on the bed birthing our baby with gas and air. First birth and only a tear so no stitches and I’ll put that down to FLOPPY FACE FLOPPY FANNY and breathing in and out for longer.. During my pregnancy I also ate dates, drank raspberry tea snd collected collustrium which I’m confident helped speed stage 1 up and bring her early!!! Your course gave me some excellent snippets to know what to expect and do, for a positive experience so thank you!! Xx”

No matter who you are, what your past life or current life entails it’s safe to know that YOU can influence with the power of the mind and when you do, magical things really do start to happen!

Much love
Emma aka The Naked Doula

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