Floppy Face Floppy Fanny X The Comb. They’re a match made in heaven babehhh and the ultimate comfort measures for during labour! Using a comb during labour is one of my favourites. It is related to acupressure points. By holding the comb and squeezing it against your ‘P8 acupressure point’ it can help to block pain signals during labour, as your brain concentrates on only one sensation as part of the gate control theory. Thank me later!
“FTM, used all your techniques for birth and only had paracetamol ❤️ 6 hour active Labour but 4 days of contraction leading up to it but met people, had meals out etc and no one even knew. I used a comb through Labour and floppy face 👍🏻 ride those contractions and know they end. It’s like a crazy rollercoaster. I feel empowered having had a natural birth and no stitches 🥳🥳 such an incredible feeling and it’s all due to your help and advise! New Year’s Eve baby, best present ever ❤️🧡💜💙 thank you!!!! One question, piles after birth… best natural remedies. Or getting worst not better.. worst than birth… said no one ever but truly how I feel! Thanks again you are amazing x x”

No matter who you are, what your past life or current life entails it’s safe to know that YOU can influence with the power of the mind and when you do, magical things really do start to happen!

Much love
Emma aka The Naked Doula

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