I hear people saying “hypnobirthing isn’t for me” but do you actually know what it is? Or have you just assumed it’s a hippy load of magic shit?! Because it’s farrrr from! In fact, it’s all about science, the brain and bossing the brain in the right way to change how we feel and manage LIFE! Not just labour!
“Hiya, I wanted to message and thank you for everything you promote! And share a positive induction story. I was a complete hypnobirthing sceptic but something told me to give it a go, see if it was something I’d call back to in labour. I was induced at 40weeks due to reduced fetal movement. I was terrified of it taking days and being really painful from all the horror stories. Contractions started and I just kept remembering FFFF and keeping moving and upright. I breathed through them and kept going without the midwives for as long as I could. After 6 hours I got a strong urge to push, called the midwives in and 1.5 hours later baby girl was in my arms with gas&air as my only pain relief. I had my heart set on an epidural but was told there was no time, baby coming! Your knowledge helped me to keep calm, and do everything I needed to deliver baby. I will always be grateful for you ❤️ Thank you!”

No matter who you are, what your past life or current life entails it’s safe to know that YOU can influence with the power of the mind and when you do, magical things really do start to happen!

Much love
Emma aka The Naked Doula

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