Do you want to feel The COMPLETE Naked Doula experience? Look no further than the new app, EVE, Birth Education & Hypnobirthing brought to you by The Naked Doula is your Visual & Virtual Support through pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum. With easy Bitesize evidence based information to help you find your POWER & Influence your birth experience!
EVE, short for Educate, Visual & Evolve is the first comprehensive VISUAL support and guide for birth to help you ‘fuel your POWER’ to achieve a positive, informed and confident birth experience.

what's available in the app?

EVE offers daily motivational birth prompts, downloads and evidence based facts to help you feel CONFIDENT about birth

EDUCATE – Gives you the KNOWLEDGE & POWER from the bestselling Visual HypnoBirth course. To take you from fearful to fearless! With Birth Education, The Naked Doula Hypnobirthing Programme, Reframing & Preparing with the Visual Birth Plan. Guided Visuals & MP3’s

VISUALISE – Gives you access to over 100 bestselling Flashcards with game changing hints and tips for pregnancy, birth, pain relief and postpartum.

EVOLVE – Gives you all the top techniques, motivation and hacks to use during your labour and birth directly with Emma Armstrong, Founder of The Naked Doula and well respected Hypnobirthing Coach, Doula & Birth Influencer.

Daily tracking to store your positive birth images, information and links along with daily birth affirmations to allow you to feel better about birth.

Ongoing support with EVE Community, team support and exclusive access to The Naked Doula Events, webinars and content.

EVE will help you feel confident and reduce your fears surrounding childbirth. To allow you to feel excited and positive about birth! Using techniques such as mindfulness, reframing, CBT, Hypnobirthing, NPL and positive psychology, this app really will train your brain in a way which is influencing births all over the world.
EVE by The Naked Doula is for ALL BIRTHS and can help you prepare for non medical, medical, induction, caesarean birth and VBAC birth. We offer inclusive support to all who birth and aim to provide you with that friendly support you desire during your preparation and throughout your birth.